Controlling Early Spring Pests

Spring is only round the corner, new born lambs are in the field and this is also a time when other animals come out of hibernation. We also start seeing more bees and wasps, which means that nests being built in peoples lofts and buildings.

This is a time when you need to be looking into pest control services and making sure your house has no cracks to let any creatures sneak their way in for example an ants nest being built outside your front door. Recently in the news we are hearing more stories of urban foxes creeping into people’s houses and finding their way up to children’s bedrooms and sneaking a peek. This is when we need to make sure that rubbish is not left lying around on the street to make sure that you do not attract rodents or foxes to your area.

Do not try to remove any wasps nest by yourself, it may look easy to get rid of but sometimes this can make things worse before they get better. It needs to be removed professionally and we can also make sure that this doesn’t happen again. We also can help solve any mice or rat infestations as this can also be a problem for not only commercial properties, but also for domestic properties too.

If you need any pest control services then please don’t hesitate to contact Axatax on 01908 618 128. The number 1 company for pest control services.

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